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At Weka we provide outstanding value adding services to clients in the
Plastics Recycling Industry
We have over 21 years of experience helping companies all over the globe with their Plastic & PET recycling needs, including post-consumer packaging recovery and reuse of recycled plastics.

Since 1996 to date, we have been developing and commercializing technologies for plastics recycling, especially for reuse of PET in food grade applications by leading beverage companies on a global basis. The following is a catalogue of the services that we offer.

  • setup Post Consumer
    Packaging Schemes
    Advise and share knowledge about the various post-consumer packaging collection schemes we have worked with. We have promoted best practices to optimize their cost and quality. We have worked and assisted various National collection and recovery schemes, including PRS ( PET Recycling Switzerland), Returpak Sweden, ARA Austria, EcoEmballages France, Fost+ Belgium, EcoEmbes Spain, Ecoce Mexico, Coca-Cola Recycling USA (KOR), and Coca-Cola Femsa Mexico (KOF).
  • engineer Commercial Contracts
    Collections Recyclers
    We have shared best practices with National post-consumer packaging recovery organizations and other packaging collection entities relative to models of cooperation and collaboration between collectors and recyclers, with a target to establish sustainable closed and open loop systems.
  • survey PET and Plastics
    Recycling Plants
    We have developed and assisted to set-up plastics and PET bottle-to-bottle recycling plants lay-out for flake washing step of processes. We optimized decontamination processes to improve efficiencies, yields, and succeed in meeting the quality requirements of final clients. Examples in the area of quality improvements are reduction of excessive yellowing in recycled PET material or yield improvements.
  • optimize Quality
    Systems Establish.
    We establish Quality Systems at plants with laboratory equipment selection, preparation for quality audits of plants in line with potential clients’ needs, this includes leading beverage companies.
  • optimize Quality and Yield
    We assist in solving quality and yield problems at plants. Constantly helping to improve the quality of the final product ( i.e. removing or reducing PVC , O2 scavengers contamination), and the operating efficiencies ( i.e. removing bottlenecks due to bad flow of flakes).
  • optimize Personnel
    We train production and QA personnel at recycling plants in GMP and in better quality measurement techniques.
  • optimize Client
    Customer Assistance
    We have expertise in assisting during injection and blowing trials at end-using companies with food grade recycled PET. We assist to perform recyclability studies for new innovative plastics packaging materials, according to industry recognized protocols, including the North American APR (Association of Post-Consumer Plastics Recyclers) Critical Guidance Documents or the European EPBP ( European PET Bottle Platform) Recyclability Protocols.
  • optimize Food
    Contact Approvals
    We assist in obtaining health regulatory approvals in various countries, as we have contributed to in the EU, in Mercosur countries to facilitate reuse of recycled PET in food contact applications.
  • optimize Marketing
    Recycling Materials
    We assist you to market your final products throughout our vast network of contacts.
Plastics Recycling Plant
Plastics Recycling Plant
Plastics Recycling Plant
First steps of PET Bottle Recycling
At Weka our goal is to be the world's most trusted advisor in the Plastic Recycling Industry.

Weka Plastics is a globally operating consulting firm in the Plastic Recycling Industry. From setting up new Recycling Plants to optimizing them, we offer counsel to maximize companies efficiencies, provide expansion and growth programs. We strive to be the finest point of reference and assistance for companies to succeed.

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